Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crib Notes for Sustainable Shelby

Gateway to the Tennessee Fabricating Company, Cooper-Young, MemphisMayor A.C. Wharton launched the Sustainable Shelby initiative a week ago. Hopefully it will give a strong and sustainable political voice for walkability, mass transit, increased density and other means to sustainable neighborhoods and urbanism.

However, besides its brief website and this Memphis Flyer article (read the last paragraph for a huge challenge to real sustainability -- the gap between earnest words and oblivious action) I can't find much of an online voice for the initiative.

I do know that Doug Farr's book Sustainable Urbanism will be the official text for the initiative and I also know that Portland economist Joe Cortright spoke at the kickoff. Unfortunately, Sustainable Urbanism costs $75 and the kickoff has passed.

Luckily there are several online sources that might give us an idea where Sustainable Shelby is heading:
  • This interview with Doug Farr on Smart City Radio, where he talks about his book and the key LEED-ND (ND for neighborhood development) rating system. Since I fear the word "green" will be used as PR cover for business-as-usual -- whether regressive (white-flight, sprawl) or destructive (demolition, clearcutting) -- I'm glad that host Carol Coletta questions him whether LEED-ND favors greenfield development over infill and brownfield development.
  • The slides from Joe Cortright's presentation. I understand they weren't actually presented at the kickoff because the projector didn't work, so you can see something the attendees couldn't.

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Blogger Chris and Kate Lareau said...

Just thought I'd share that I got an email from "Lisa" at "Chick FIl A CARES" today, telling me that it was inevitable that the property would be purchased and the "free standing" Chick Fil A they build will be lovely.

In reply, I pointed out that "purchase" is not synonymous with "destroy" and did some begging.

7:48 AM  
Blogger gatesofmemphis said...

Thanks for commenting here and writing Chik-Fil-A. I will have another post about it by the start of the next week.

By the way, you guys should join Memphis Heritage, if you haven't already.
They're having their annual meeting this Tuesday (March 25th) at 6p.m. See website for details. MH's home is a cool and beautiful house on Madison.

12:39 AM  

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