Sunday, March 02, 2008

Performances with Heroes, Idiots, Devils and Dictators (Respectively)

the Hero, Tom Lee
From the UrbanArt Commission:
10th Anniversary - Delbert Sisk Performance

Delbert Sisk will spend his lunch hour every day of March interacting with historical statues at local parks, "interacting" with them, and bringing a sense of humor and life to the unresponsive statues.

Starting March 1, Delbert will be at Tom Lee Park at noon every day through March 8.

Mar 1-8 noon Tom Lee Park
Mar 9-16 noon Confederate Park
Mar 17-24 noon Forrest Park
Mar 25-31 noon Overton Park

This project is one of the 10 Temporary Public Art Projects celebrating the UrbanArt Commission’s 10th Anniversary. For more information, please visit the UAC website,

Mar 1-8's statue has to be the great Tom Lee. I'm pretty sure there are no other statues in Tom Lee Park.

Mar 9-16 will probably be Jefferson Davis. Confederate Park might also have a bust of a guy with a mustache.

Mar 17-24 will be Nathan Bedford Forrest, slave trader, Civil War guerrilla leader, first Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and name sake of Forrest Gump. Sisk will be also performing near Forrest's remains -- Forrest and his wife are buried beneath the statue.

Mar 25-31 could either be Boss Crump or the Dough Boy. I'm not sure, but I'm betting it will be Boss Crump.

This idea sounds great. I hope Urban Art records and posts the performances on their website.

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