Friday, August 17, 2007

The Rozelle House

Panorama of the Rozelle House, Arts Collaborative, Memphis, TN
With the urge to create & improve that lies within the mindset of artist, we have banded together in agreement for an alternative way of living and working by means of cooperation.
We as a group are creative, hardworking, and problem-solving, which is precisely what the building is in need of. Instead of it turning into a private boat storage, a pile of rubble, or a commerical strip mall, we'd like to see it become a haven for artists and community members alike. Our original idea of a simple artists co-op has evolved into thoughts of both residence and studio space, a self-sufficient garden in the immense yard, an indoor or outdoor music venue, and a community arts guild with complete facilities for photographers, potters, painters and whomever else would like to create.
From the Rozelle House's About Me: statement on their myspace page. Go there and check out the space's walkthrough video and other details of this project/collaborative.

They appear to have events/fundraisers fairly regularly (I got their webpage address off of an event they held last Tuesday) so be on the lookout.

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