Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let's Help Blind Mississippi Morris

From June West at Memphis Heritage:

Let's Help Blind Mississippi Morris

Project Overview
As some of you know, on July 11 a meeting was held at the County Commission committee room to discuss issues related to the home of Blind Mississippi Morris. Mr. Morris' home is in need of much repair. Dr. George Flinn brought Morris' plight to our attention and has been instrumental in fundraising and continues to secure monetary pledges. Help has come from many sources inculding Memphis Heritage. Thanks so much to all of your for your willingness to help and be a part of this worthwhile event!

Project Clean-Up
Memphis Heritage has agreed to lead a clean up effort including the attic, basement and yard. The day for this clean up is Sat. August 11 from 9 am till 2pm. We will meet on the property at 1156 Chelsea. While Memphis Heritage has agreed to take the lead, we are asking for volunteers from the various organizations who expressed interest in helping to participate in the clean up. We expect to complete the clean up in one day if we have enough hands.

If you or your group can get involved with this event on Sat. August 11, email jwest@memphisheritage.org or call the MHI offices at 901.272.2727.
We need all the person power we can muster.

Thanks to all of you that have been a part of this terrific cause.


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hey it's Amos here from the CA. I've lost your phone number but i am working on a story and wanted to pick your brain a little bit. Can you call me? 529-2351

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