Monday, August 06, 2007

Memphis Music Turned On

Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission's new logoSometime in the past week, the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission website came back on line. It's new and very simple: a great new logo that links to their myspace presence.

Very simple is very good -- it will probably be easier to maintain and to have dynamic and inclusive content using myspace than by building a massive website upfront. Later they can move to a more completely branded site (which they can probably start doing now in myspace). In the meantime, their present setup gives them the power to easily communicate the breadth of Memphis Music stories without overwhelming them in geekery and costing them much/anything.

They'll still need content, but honoring King Content should be much easier now.

As for the old site, I'm still not sure why it was down -- perhaps it was due to the parting of the Commission and the Memphis Music Foundation.

Moving forward, it's a good yet simple step from the original site. And much, much better than dead air.

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