Monday, August 13, 2007

Join the Conversation, Memphis

Mediaverse would like to use your 30-sec. video
in upcoming conversations with Memphis mayoral candidates.

In the spirit of the CNN/YouTube presidential debates, Mediaverse wants to use the same style of voter-generated questions for an upcoming conversation with Memphis mayoral candidates. It’s called the Memphis Digital Conversation.

It’s not a debate. No podiums. It’s a much-needed, conversational forum, where the candidates will directly address voter concerns, not their own.

We need your video questions to make it happen!!!!

So, if you live in Memphis, get a video camera, or a web cam, or a picture phone and record your thought-provoking question in a 30-second video. You can submit as many single-question videos as you want.

(FYI: It is possible to make a creative, insightful and passionate video with your clothes on and using polite language that would make your Mother proud. We really like those videos.)

Upload your videos to The deadline to submit is Aug. 31.

We’re planning two digital conversations for September. Dates, times and location will be announced in the upcoming week. Visit for updates.

Join the conversation, Memphis!

Help us spread the word!

I've uploaded my own video, based on a post from a few months ago.

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