Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Saving our Shell FAQ, Part 3: Programming the Shell

flyers from old shows at the ShellPart 1: The History of the FLPM
Part 2: The Renovation
Part 3: Programming the Shell

GoM: Will the Friends of the Levitt Pavilion Memphis produce all the shows, or will you be providing a venue for independent producers?

BL: FLPM will produce the 10 week 50 performance free concert series. Other shows outside our season will be available at the Levitt Shell with certain conditions being met. We are currently reviewing what those conditions will be.

GoM: The recent history of the Shell seemed to have a lot of DIY low-cost kind of productions -- Earth Day festivities, band showcases, independently produced theater, etc. Will the Shell still be available for these kind of events?

BL: Most certainly we will make the Levitt Shell available for DIY low-cost kind of productions if they meet the forthcoming conditions. Because the Levitt Shell is located in an urban area, sound levels and the time that the performances are to be staged will be among (but not limited to) the conditions that will be considered by the board of FLPM for events that can be held at the Levitt Shell.

GoM: How can an independent producer contact the Shell to schedule such an event?

Elvis guards the back entrance of the ShellBL: At this time we do not anticipate any events at the Levitt Shell until after our Levitt Concert Series in 2008. We do not have an executive director, but anticipate having one in place in 2007. I would suggest accessing to view the conditions for renting the shell for performances and contacting us. I anticipate the website to be up and running about July 1, 2007.

GoM: How can someone volunteer?

BL: Volunteers will be essential for us to be successful. We cannot stage the Levitt Shell professionally performed 50 free concert series without the help of volunteers. I believe these performances will be driven by volunteers. At this time, you can contact me at 901-333-1359 or (this will change to in July 2007) to be added to a volunteer list.

Unfortunately we will not have any volunteer organizational meetings or events until the fall of 2007 at the earliest. I do encourage getting your name on the list as soon as possible. We will have a volunteer registration on the website by July of 2007.

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