Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Neighborfest at Idlewild Elementary

Idlewild Elementary School is hosting NeighborFest this Saturday to show itself off to its neighborhood and its city. This is a great chance to tour the school and meet with the students, teachers, administrators and parents who make up the school. If you're not in the district, it is an optional school.

Truth in Spamming: my son attends Idlewild.

In 1st grade, he has learned about schemas, deciduous trees and Van Gogh, begun preparing for geometry and for algebra, and completed 6 reports which included oral presentations. Although Idlewild is an optional school, there is no separation of optional classes. Everyone in 1st grade learned and did these things.

Nothing makes me as proud of Memphis as Idlewild does.

It's a diamond, a brilliant future for Memphis.

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