Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Chief of Confusion to speak in Memphis

Leadership Memphis is hosting their 3rd Annual Community Leadership Breakfast on March 7. John Seely Brown, formerly Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and the director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and now the Chief of Confusion, is their featured speaker. According to LM's website, the topic of Mr. Brown's talk will be "innovation, particularly as it relates to economic development, community development and innovative leadership. Innovation is differentiation."

The Breakfast is open to the public. Registration is $50.

If you can't attend the breakfast, check out his website or listen to this excellent podcast interview (here are the interview notes) with Mr. Brown. The theme of the interview was the transformation of education by a participatory architecture of learning. A favorite quote from the interview:
"I always think about developing the edge, and letting the edge transform the core"
I'm looking forward to hearing his ideas on innovation and the city. I'd like to hear how we might apply the same participatory architecture to the transformation of cities, or at least innovation in cities.

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