Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Memphis Music Commission Meets Media 2.0 (Maybe)

The Memphis Flyer reports that the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission has joined MySpace. A small thing, but a good thing.

A Memphis Music Foundation1 project mentioned last year was a digital music initiative. They had budgeted it at $750,000. $750,000! They could host an mp3 by every man, woman and child in Tennessee for that much money. There's no reason to spend that much on a website. The software's cheap if not free and you can use the branding from your existing website on your digital music website. This will cost money, but not $750,000.

Luckily, the thing that prevented them from spending that much money was the lack of that much money.

MySpace and its Web 2.0 brethren don't cost, or cost much. And they're easy to use -- you don't need staff to do it unless you can't write.

We might be poor but we're not stupid.

1Frankly, I can't tell the difference between the Music Commission and the Music Foundation. I might be unfairly commingling them here.

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Blogger Justin W. McGregor said...

Realizing that I'm being horribly literal, but I decided to do the math just for fun.

If you wanted to host a 4 minute mp3 for every man, woman, and child in Tennessee it'd be about 20.6 Terabytes (based on the 2000 census and a copy of "Horse with No Name" that's currently in my iTunes library). Building a DIY solution with easily available NAS gear could be done for around $50k in hardware (including Power, Racks, and a dedicated web server). The data pipes would cost you a bit, but the remaining $700k would buy a metric crap-ton of bandwidth.

11:51 AM  
Blogger gatesofmemphis said...

Justin, I'm glad you were literal. I searched for what storage costs now, but couldn't get a firm answer since it's dropping all the time. But I figured I wasn't too overboard.


12:57 PM  

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