Sunday, January 28, 2007

Save Libertyland News Conference Monday

detail of the Zippin Pippin, Fairgrounds, MemphisFrom Denise Parkinson of Save Libertyland:
Save Libertyland!, the local community organization that has for 15 months worked to re-open Memphis's historic park, will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. Monday, January 29, at Libertyland, to unveil a workable alternative to what has become a vacant crime-magnet in the heart of Midtown.

1) Thanks to the efforts of Save Libertyland, not only has the National Historic Landmark Carousel been saved, but also the Zippin Pippin as well! Find out the details! There is still an outstanding offer by a successful park operator to re-make Libertyland into a modern recreational destination.

2) Save Libertyland has consulted with local and regional alternative fuel technology companies to draft a "green" vision for the park which will convert Libertyland into an Interactive Educational Park for Energy Independence. Similar in scope to Alabama's successful Space Camp, Libertyland can be a model for educating the public on alternative fuel uses in a theme-park setting. Think solar-powered Stax Soul Music; biofuel-powered amusement rides. We have the technology!

3) The National Carousel Association, in recognition of the hard-won battle to save Memphis's priceless Grand Carousel, is considering Memphis as the site of their 2008 National Convention -- so the clock is ticking. Save Libertyland has a plan that provides an alternative to the city's 3-year process which will leave the vulnerable park vacant. For the price of moving the Grand Carousel and Pippin, the MidSouth could have a premier park instead.

We have support. We have a vision inclusive to all Memphians. We challenge the city to support justice for Memphis's historic park and end its downward spiral into vacancy, crime, and neglect.

"An interactive educational park such as Libertyland is a very effective means of raising the public awareness of how the US can achieve energy independence. Bioenergy is already mainstream in many parts of the country. Other energy sources now considered alternative fuels will soon be major fuel sources. Libertyland can enable countless people to learn how to add to the demand that brings these other fuel sources into the mainstream. Patriot Biofuels, Inc. would appreciate any opportunity to join Libetyland in its energy independence efforts." -- Mr. Cal McCastlain, Patriot Biofuels.

Press conference:Senior councilmember E.C. Jones wants to evaluate the latest damage, a giant crater in the center of the park, dug by the Midsouth Fair this past week. Please note the change and thank you for your patience!
For more info, contact Denise Parkinson at 276-0346
If you can't make it, they're hoping to videotape it and post it at Memphis Magnet.

Whether you agree with Save Libertyland or not, it has a Vision. Everything coming from City Hall lately about the Fairgrounds is either vague (mixed-use redevelopment, Legacy Park, new stadium) or schizo (No! Yes! Maybe! No! You can't have an amusement park! No! Yes! Maybe! No! You can't use the Coliseum for high school graduation!).

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