Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obstacles to Pump Dumping: MATA Bus Routes

For your consideration, the 2 Medical Center/13 Lauderdale.

This is a single bus schedule -- what you will see at a kiosk, or on the web.

We can fix this. We should fix this.

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Blogger Naomi Van Tol said...


5:58 PM  
Anonymous sherman said...

Fire everyone. Start from scratch.

MATA is a joke. Love to see Herenton put (any) effort into public transportation, but after 16 years of nothing, what you expect?

As Branston says, politicians & mata employees should have to ride the bus to work to see how it (doesn't) run.

Wonder when the last time the Mayor rode the bus to work?

7:29 PM  
Anonymous MATAlac said...

I rode this for a stint before I switched over to the 53 route, its cool but the snakey medical center leg should be ditched (legacy of the Showboat route), it was about 45 min from cooper and central to front and union. Summer 53 was 10 to 20 twenty to front st (depending if your driver wanted a smoke break)

I always preferred the ride home on the 2, other than wating around the north main bus station after dark. That night driver on 2 was totally my hero, when a lady would get off in Victorian Village, he would get up and make sure she turned the corner safely. He would also feed the homeless rasta dude in the wheelchair dinner almost every night. Great guy, and he would hit the gas on the way home, 1/2 the time of the morning trip in.

7:33 PM  

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