Friday, June 13, 2008

Memphis Modding Company

Next time you see a guy swinging a wrecking ball and yelling "obsolete!", consider Graham's Lighting Fixtures showroom on Cooper.

Grahams Lighting Fixtures Panorama
A recomposition of at least 4 buildings (from what had been 3 residential cottages and 1 or 2 commercial buildings) from 4 different lots, Graham's puts the lie to claims of functional obsolescence. If Graham's can build a retail showroom from 4 different structures of varying ages and original uses, obsolescence is just the imagination of those who claim it.

Here's another mod by Graham's.

I photographed the gate of the Tennessee Fabricating Company last year.

Tennessee Fabricating Company

amiev shot the same gateway arch a few weeks ago.

Tennessee Fabricating Company has departed, leaving its gate behind. Rather than ignore or destroy, Graham's remade it.

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Blogger nathanwberry said...

oh and so glad to see the vines growing back up it again.

10:55 PM  

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