Monday, November 26, 2007

A Good Question

John Weeden of Weeden Arts Watch and Rhodes' CODA fame concludes a very interesting series of posts about a recent trip to Portland with a question for his readers.
Would you please help me out on this by letting me know what you believe to be the best aspects of Memphis, and why they contribute to a particular sort of 'cool' unique to Memphis? Of course, there's the obvious music pedigree of the blues, rock n'roll, jazz and soul, but that's almost too easy. Enough books have been written on Memphis music to fill the entire Library of Congress, but I'm looking for the 'what else' here. What else is there to Memphis beyond blues and barbecue? What make us special? What makes Memphis most Memphis?
Go over and answer. While there check out the images of Weeden's handwritten notes on the Portland trip. Visually inspiring.

I also have to write something about the mind-expanding CODA conference I went to last month.

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