Monday, November 12, 2007

The Boll Weevil's Feast

King Cotton Bound, Punch MagazineMemphis should appropriate Guy Fawkes Night and honor the Boll Weevil on November 5. We will call it The Boll Weevil's Feast. It will be held on the cobblestones.

Statue celebrating the Boll Weevil, Enterprise, ALAt the start of the festivities, King Cotton and his throne will be hoisted high above his subjects. Citizen Weevil will arrive and light the fuse that starts the revolution and the fireworks. As the fireworks proceed, Cotton will grow larger and larger, soon becoming bloated. At the climax of the fireworks, the Tyrant Cotton explodes, raining down cotton candy and weevil candy for the kids to enjoy.

Guy Fawkes Night fireworksCall it a ritualized revolution against history. For a night we will be free from historical anti-narratives that even today we can't escape.

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