Sunday, November 11, 2007

Southern Gothic Science Fiction: John Brown and The Boll Weevil

early prototype for time machine before angel financing The hero will be John James Brown, John Brown's great-great-great grandson. Modern Brown, a brilliant nuclear physics grad student at CalTech, is so moved by his ancestor's work that he builds a time machine and prepares to take a pair of Boll-Weevils back into America's South, long before the Civil War. His goal -- overthrow the Tyrant Cotton and with it the institution of slavery.

The WeevilHis antagonists will be a corrupt SEC athletic director and an evil blight consultant, who have been anonymous trolls on the Civil War message boards where Brown has revealed his plans. Knowing that their empires will never exist if Cotton doesn't rule the South they pursue Brown into history. Brown must release his hungry comrades before his trackers release their toxic cocktail of malathion and DDT.

A feel-good Terminator movie for all ages.

By the way, I realize that the plot thus described doesn't sound very Southern Gothic. But Southern Gothic Science Fiction sounds better than anything else I could think of.

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