Thursday, December 07, 2006

To the Brewery! By way of the City Council.

The Tennessee Brewery before Prohibition and CondosMore from the good citizens at Save the Brewery:
Neighbors: action is needed.
1. Thanks for the recommendations on an architect. The key will be someone who can work fast and attend the hearing on December 19th.
2. Please try to attend the City Council meeting on December 19th! The full council meeting starts at 3:30-4:00pm and this agenda item will be heard when it is called. If this agenda item is on the back end of the agenda we are trying to get it moved up. As soon as we know a time, we will let you know! Send emails or phone numbers if you want to be called with the exact time, and tell your friends. We have been told that having bodies, willing to "sign the cards" to speak out against the action, is critical to the council.
3. The Tenn. Brewery appeal has been scheduled for noon or 1PM on the same day, December 19, 2006, for the Zoning and Planning Committee (presently headed by Rickey Peete). Please try to attend this meeting too. This is the group that ignored the prior neighborhood complaints about the height variance; anyone who can attend this hearing, please do so!
4. We know that many of you have already sent letters to the Council. Please ALSO send a letter (sample attached) expressing your opposition to the Office of Planning and Development
Attention: Chip Saliba
125 N. Main, Room 468,
Memphis, TN. 38103
Also, if you let me know that you have sent a letter, or send me a copy, we will ensure that the City Council knows that such letters have been sent and that they must be presented.
Memphis City Council
125 North Main Street,
Room 514
Memphis, TN 38103
Ph: (901) 576-6786
Fax: (901) 576-6796
Mary V. Relling
481 Tennessee Street
Memphis, TN 38103
For the wonkish, here are the Special exception requirements and Site plan review requirements for the South Central Business Improvement District. Want more? Here are the Standards and proof required for variations which is what I believe, maybe, could be, should be decided by the Board of Adjustment on December 20th.

Wonkish, geekish, whatever. There's something about browsing through the City Charter and Code that I find reassuring -- the bedrock of the rule of law.

Long live Goldcrest 51!


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