Saturday, November 04, 2006

Downtown Development Map Mashup

M for MemphisI created this map overlay of Downtown development projects from this thread and this thread created by bluff2085 on the Urban Planet Memphis forum.

While I might not like every project, most look pretty cool. The overall effect of this influx of money and people into downtown is historic and healthy.

By the way, I flatter myself by calling this a mashup. While it is pulling images and data from 4 different sources, the core component, the kml file is static. What would be much better if the Center City Commission could output their list of projects dynamically in a kml file. They already do it in an html file. To do it in kml, they would have to add geographic coordinates for each project and of course output in kml. They could link to developer's and architect's images and 3D models. Then we could have a real Memphis mashup.

Anyway, more to come. Next I think will be a map of Memphis' endangered sites and buildings.


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