Saturday, October 07, 2006

Titans of Memphis Culture: Matthews the Great

WREG-TV reporter Mike Matthews is the Graceland of local reporters -- a one-of-a-kind landmark. Not just Memphis' local reporters, but all local reporters, everywhere. How lucky are we to have this auteur gracing Memphis' airwaves and the streets of our city? Very.

His trademarks: idiosyncratic and heartfelt segues, dapper yet weird fashion style, and journalistic sparring with Mayor Herenton (and other Memphis politicians) reminiscent of Reagan and Donaldson. His report yesterday on the fires gave us 2 of these 3. An excerpt:
Memphis is often sort of like an old prize fighter of a city. It gets hit, gets up, gets hit again, sometimes it seems to be almost knocked out. But then the spirit of this city comes back.
When something bad happens in Memphis, there is an overwhelming, almost sea of goodness that comes from the average, everyday working folk to come and see what they can do to try and help. If you ever wonder why people stay in this city, that's the reason why. Good vs. bad -- it's not even close.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial testimonial for the TV station Memphoids call Channel 3, you have to watch and listen to him. Memphis culture at its finest.


Blogger PeskyFly said...

Yes. A Lance Russel among TV reporters. A Sivad.

He'd smoke on camera (if he smokes) if he could.

8:23 PM  
Blogger gatesofmemphis said...

Sivad, Lance Russell, Mike Matthews -- the A-Team!

By the way, I believe the article mentioned in this week's Fly on the Wall is a Matthews -- in fact, a different part of the same story quoted above. That's why it was pure poetry.

Thanks a bunch for reading and the mention you made of this site. And many more thanks for your excellent work.

9:44 AM  
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