Friday, October 06, 2006


I can sadly imagine Memphis without the First United Methodist Church Building, the historic Rhodes Jenning building, the Court Square Annex, but the Lincoln American Tower? Let's hope, really, really, hope they can save it.

Let's be very thankful that no firefighters were harmed by the inferno.

Update: The Memphis Flyer reports:
Pickard [Chooch Pickard, architect for Court Square Center] said the tower and Lowenstein Building, also known as the Rhodes Jennings Building, could be saved but the Court Building would have to come down.
Although we have still lost the Court Building and First United Methodist Church structure, that they can save the Tower and the Rhodes Jennings/Lowenstein Buildings is some good news amid the bad.

Another Update: Paul Ryburn has posted pictures during and after the fire, and his first-hand account of the Court Square portion of the fire. (Via A Pulp Faction)

Not Really An Update: The Center City Commission's Jeff Sanford has released a statement [pdf alert!] on the fires (via the Memphis Flyer).


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