Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Food stuff

Jerry's Snow Cones, 1657 Wells Station Rd, MemphisI just wanted to point out a few things I've read over the last few weeks about food in Memphis.

The first, which appeared quite a while ago, is Cherry Blossom Special's personal best-of places to eat in Memphis. I've eaten at about half of the places he lists and don't disagree with any. In fact, I couldn't agree more happily with his inclusion of Jerry's Snow Cones. Memphis is blessed to have the many flavored snow cones and ice cream creations of Jerry's. If Jerry can create such a fantastic business out of an old gas station in north Berclair, all of our dreams are possible.

Paul Ryburn is often writing about his trips to the many restaurants of downtown. Recently he wrote about and recommended EP's Delta Kitchen. An excerpt:
By the time I got there, they had rolled off the regular menu and onto their late night menu. From that, I had the Lobster Pronto Pup - a corn dog, but with lobster rather than a hot dog inside, over a bed of greens - SO good. Also recommended on the late night menu is the nachos with sweet potato chips, pepper jack and crawfish.
Check out these pictures also.

If I were a restaurant owner in Memphis, I'd want Paul stopping by. His descriptions of these places always make me hungry for their food.

Finally, another post by Paul that really isn't a Memphis thing, but it's by a Memphis guy (Paul), it's about food, and it's funny (especially the part about the old guy getting ready for his vegetables). Read on.


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