Thursday, October 01, 2009

Innovation Should Become Deloach

Side Street in Memphis

Why does the incredibly wide Deloach Street, just across Central from the University of Memphis, prohibit parking on its east side? The neighborhood has a huge need for parking, historically satisfied with destructive surface parking lots, yet the east side of the street is roped off.


  • public safety. Yet the street is incredibly wide and would almost certainly allow 2 cars to pass each other simultaneously. Public safety vehicles would have plenty of room to get in and out -- if they even used that path.

  • to avoid competition with the parking fees of nearby institutions -- the University and the University Holiday Inn.

  • use as an arterial road. It does have traffic lights on its Central end, where Innovation Drive empties out of the University. But there are no lights where it terminates at Poplar so it seems of limited use for that.

  • the residents don't want the parking. But the east side is the increasingly institutional and decreasingly residential, side with the Holiday Inn taking up a good half of the block. The west side is still completely residential and allows parking.
Here's a chance to freely add ~50 parking spaces to the area without building an expensive parking garage, or ripping up more of the University District's neighborhood. An urbanism approved solution that would only require a few revolutions of a screwdriver.

Also, people walking down the east side of the street would be an opportunity for the Holiday Inn -- the lone commercial presence in the neighborhood -- if the hotel had fronted their part of the street with a hotel rather than a storm water mud grass pit.

University of Memphis Holiday Inn

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Anonymous memphis belle said...

I lived on Deloach for 7 years, during the time its lovely homes were torn down and the hotel went up. It saddened me to see such fine housing stock go, but that seems to be our city's MO. While I enjoyed having the parade of students coming and going, traffic was an issue. To have parking on both sides of the street would create a headache for all concerned.

As for the mud pit, that drainage is sorely needed. It may not look fabulous, but trust me, it serves its purpose.

9:13 AM  

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