Monday, October 20, 2008

Detail from a Sinkhole

You've probably heard the good news about Amtrak service being restored to Central Station in Memphis after the sinkhole almost swallowed it.

When I saw the repair last Saturday, I noticed a little more good news.

When they rebuilt the retaining wall for the tracks, they detailed it the same way as the existing wall.

This is the wall as it's been for decades.

Amtrak Retaining Wall Before

This is the new part of the wall, on the right, after the repairs.

Amtrak Retaining Wall After

They've replicated the detail, the planes and bands, of the original. Perhaps it was structurally necessary, but I doubt it. Since Memphis has had little respect for its public works architecture over the last few decades, seeing a detail as simple as this is a pleasure, and maybe a hope.

Thanks to everyone involved for getting rail service going again, and for respecting a simple, subtle detail.

Details texture Memphis.

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Blogger marycash said...

I just looked at the repair over the weekend and was astounded by how seamless it was.

I took a field trip to the sinkhole while they were working on it, so I knew exactly where it was, but I still had a moment where I was like, Am I sure it was right here?

11:31 AM  

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