Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Global Warming Solutions at Rhodes

the late world champion Shumard Oak, Overton Park, Memphis; death by natural causesFrom Greening Greater Memphis:
Focus the Nation has organized a national teach-in Webcast to help educate America about solutions for global warming. The 2% Solution is a national, interactive Webcast featuring Stanford climate scientist Stephen Schneider, sustainability expert Hunter Lovins, and green jobs pioneer Van Jones. Their goal is to have over 10,000 screenings including one here in Memphis. Participation is encouraged with cell phone voting.

Rhodes College is hosting a screening of the Webcast on Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm located in the Frazier Jelke Science Center- Room B. There will be refreshments and green-related Door Prizes.

For more information about the event, please visit their website: Focus the Nation.

A solution I'd like to see is an international boycott of clear cutters. Take a day, January 30, 2008 for instance, and declare it Day Zero for clear cuts. Start geotagging clear cuts. Boycott any corporation, any organization, that creates or uses a clear cut space. Clear cut real-estate will become economically tainted and lose value as corporations avoid those spots. To prevent abuse, we could use before and after satellite images from apps like Google Earth.

With the oppressive Gulf of Mexico humidity, Memphis receives the balance of the cooling and beautiful forest. To destroy and replace it with an asphalt desert, whose shacks must then be cooled by massive always-on air-conditioners, is idiocratic.

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