Monday, January 21, 2008

The Beauties of Memphis

These Memphis photos by MRC-T (hat tip to fearlessvk) point to a Memphis aesthetic much broader than that sanctioned by official Memphis.

Sometimes it's high, but often it's low. There is the showmanship of the commercial, sacred and even the civic. There is a natural beauty, and man-made (either as built and as neglected).

Mostly there is an imagination that cuts through the obstacles -- the poverty, the banality, the neglect, the bottom-line. A street-level imagination -- and breadth of imagination -- that Memphis should always embrace and nurture, preserve and defend.

A good companion piece to MRC-T's photos is Chris Davis' Memphis Flyer article about James "Brick" Brigance, mural artist. He is the painter, I believe, of several of MRC-T's subjects.

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