Thursday, December 21, 2006

Good News for the Tennessee Brewery

From the citizens fighting to Save the Brewery:
Thanks to the involvement of residents, architects, attorneys, and June West from Memphis Heritage and others, the development of the Brewery has been delayed.

Having citizens attend the meetings on the 19th and 20th was critical. Bodies counted!

However, the story is not over---just a breather for the holidays!

On December 19th, the City Council voted to delay hearing the issues related to the LUCB (height and width variances), given that the Board of Adjustment was not meeting until the 20th.

At the Board of Adjustment meeting on the 20th, the developer withdrew their request for a re-hearing of their request for a density variance.

Our understanding is that the intention of the developers is to go back to the LUCB with new plan, and with a request to declare the Brewery project a P.D. (planned development), and that one of the advantages of such a designation for the developers would be that it would circumvent the need to get a density variance from the Board of Adjutment in the future. We also understand that they are engaging a new architect to re-design the project.

We hope that the developer will put forward a plan that will comply with zoning restrictions and will preserve the Brewery's status as a historic landmark.

We will continue to try to get the word out to concerned citizens and residents as opportunities to communicate with the developer, Memphis Heritage, and the LUCB present themselves.

Thanks again.

Mary V. Relling


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