Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NoMore EyeSore

Hell Yes, It is Hell!:  Desolate Parking Lot in Downtown Memphis

Decaying buildings don't threaten Memphis; devitalizing suburbanism threatens Memphis.

Not discrete aging structures ill-defined as eyesores, but an entrenched system of speculative emptiness, willfull destruction, oblivious discontinuity and bland development.

Time to give up boring, neosuburbanist visions of an always tidy city, and focus on the rebuilding blocks of a sometimes messy, increasingly beautiful and necessarily vital city.

Hell No, it Doesn't Look Like Hell:  Old Bridges Across the River at Memphis

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Blogger *** said...

I heartily agree. The only reason for calling the Zippin Pippin and Grand Carousel an eyesore is because it was decreed thus by Henry Turley, owner extraordinaire of the Memphis Flyer.

1:46 PM  

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