Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SkateLife Memphis Meetings and Fundraisers

A couple of notes from Skatelife Memphis.
  1. They're having a couple of fundraisers to help build wooden ramps at community centers in Memphis:
    Skatelife Memphis founder, Aaron Shafer, is holding a recycling fundraiser. He needs as many people to get involved as possible. Aaron is collecting aluminum cans and will use the proceeds to buy materials for constructing wooden skate board ramps. These ramps will be given and used by inner-city Memphis kids at various community centers and in lower-income locations. To get involved, simply save your cans between now and October 18. Wash and Crush them. Aaron and other youth who skateboard will collect the cans at a central location that will be announced as the date draw near. For more information please email him at or call him at 901 481 5615. "
    Join the Cork Brigade!!

    For all those who want to shrink our landfills for a great cause, here is your chance! No one recycles corks in Memphis until now.....

    We have partnered with Terracycle- a New Jersey Plant fertilizer company that makes plant fertilizer out of worm poop! We will serve as the Memphis depot for wine corks. We will receive 2 cents for each cork in return for supplying them the corks. Terracycle has a great story so check them out sometime!

    Even though Parks and Recreation will be building our first concrete park, it won't be open until sometime in 2010 so in the meantime there's a lot to be done!

    We will be using the cork funds to help build wooden ramps and even some concrete structures in inner city areas of Memphis where Memphis kids have never had an opportunity to skate.

    Specifically, funds from the Cork Brigade will go towards our current project that we are working on in South Memphis.

  2. If you'd like to get involved in Skatelife Memphis, they're having a meeting next week
    Meeting this Wednesday (August 27)

    August We need your artistic talents to design our T-shirts. Winner takes home a new skate board deck and accessories. We will also be launching a major recycling fundraising drive soon so come for the details and for developing a strategy.

    The meeting will be Wednesday August 27 at Cafe Eclectic (603 N McLean Blvd Memphis, TN 38107
    (901) 725-1718).

    Please RSVP (if you can come) so I can copy enough hand-outs for everyone attending.

    Hope to see you soon!

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