Saturday, May 03, 2008

Update about Cumberland Pres Building

News from Memphis Heritage:

Cumberland Presbyterian Archives Building from Idlewild Historic DistrictWe received a call from Erwin C. Reid, VP of Real Estate for Chick-fil-A yesterday afternoon. He has agreed to meet with Memphis Heritage and a group of local architects and designers to investigate the possible adaptive reuse of the Cumberland Presbyterian Archives Building. We are pleased to announce this progress. Thanks to all of you that sent emails and made phone calls asking for this meeting. It made a difference.

Mr. Reid expressed that CFA did not want to have a negative impact on the Midtown neighborhood. He is still very concerned about the difficulty of adapting the building to meet their purpose and he made no promises. In offering our resources to CFA, we will hopefully be able to generate realistic comparative costs and plans for some sort of adaptive reuse versus the plan they (CFA) have proposed for the property.

We will keep everyone updated on our meeting and the outcome.

Again thanks to all of you for your great support for our community!

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Blogger nathanwberry said...

Hooray! one small step in the right direction.

11:42 AM  

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