Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Greenways and Trails Survey

Where the Memphis Greenline meets the Wolf River GreenwayThe State of Tennessee Recreation Educational Services Division is asking those interested in promoting and creating greenways in Tennessee to fill out a survey. The survey will "assess the needs of trail users for both non-motorized and motorized trails throughout the State of Tennessee. Please print it out, fill it out and mail or fax to the RES office here in Nashville. Deadline to receive Survey comments is June 15, 2007."

Sent in by reader (with RSS, no less!) Gregg.

By the way, this beautiful photo is the Wolf River from the railroad bed that marks the soon-to-be Memphis Greenline. Justin took it during one of his many geocaching expeditions. The cache he found was attached to the bottom of the former railroad bridge that crosses the river.

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