Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boll Weevils Make a Place

2 Saturdays ago I was at the parking garage on Front between Adams and Jefferson with a group of citizens surveying the area for the Placemaking workshop*. I was looking at Front when I noticed the unmistakable green of the Secret Order of the Boll Weevils' Mobile Party Unit.

They used to park the Mobile Party Unit (aka, "Big George"), along with a Weevil-modded firetruck called the "Weevil Wagon", around the corner from my house. Until they moved them permanently a few years ago, my son and I would walk over there once in a while to check Big George and Weevil Wagon out.

So I wanted to get some pictures to show my son. Unfortunately the one above and this one were the only ones I could get.

But looking at this last picture, I noticed that the standing Weevil is making a gesture.

Is he flipping us off? Is he flipping off a bunch of citizen-activists and me? I had to do some Zapruder-esque analysis on that picture.

Here's a detail.

Can't tell for certain.

I've gone in further and blown it up. No filters applied, but it looks like he's not giving us the finger, but the devil horns.

Where were they going? Someone thought they might be on their way to St. Jude to entertain the kids. Maybe they were in a parade somewhere Downtown.

With a vehicle christened the Mobile Party Unit, I think destination is the Boll Weevils' MacGuffin.

* Don't judge the workshop by this post and my inability to stay on-task.

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Anonymous Boll Weevil 77 said...

Yeah he throws the rock sign a lot. Thanks for the pictures and the props.

6:50 PM  
Blogger gatesofmemphis said...

You're welcome Boll Weevil 77. By the way, the legend of Broken Arrow is very good. It should be on a Tennessee historic marker.

12:00 AM  

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