Monday, February 19, 2007

Ride the Zippin Pippin! Part 0.1

This is an animated wireframe "sketch" of a 3D model I'm building, from photos, my wife's memory (she rode it about a thousand times) and Google Earth images, of the Zippin Pippin, Memphis' rollercoaster (and Elvis' favorite)

Besides the fact that it's wireframe and incompletely modeled to boot, I'm still working on the timing of the drops and stops and starts. Here's a look at an early textured still.

I want to do more of this stuff as part of this blog. I'm a big believer in visual persuasion.

Making with Blender 3D!

Update: read last week's CA article for more details on the Zippin Pippin's fate.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recommend using:

It would be alot easier to use.

3:21 PM  
Blogger gatesofmemphis said...

That looks like a good program -- probably much better for building the coaster itself -- but I'm sticking with Blender for 1 idiosyncratic and 2 practical.

1. Blender is open-source and I'm a huge believer in free as in speech/free as in beer, even if the tool is sometimes not the best (but usually far from the worst either).

2. as a corollary of 1., I'm a big Linux fan and use it as my primary OS. Nolimits doesn't have a Linux version that I can tell.

3. I could be wrong about this but I didn't see a way to output nolimits into a 3D format that I might be able to use in other programs (i.e., Blender). I'd like to use the Zippin Pippin as part of a greater architectural landscape.

Belated reply -- sorry -- but I appreciate the tip.

3:06 PM  

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