Saturday, August 26, 2006

Public Relationships

The redevelopers of the Tennessee Brewery need a special height exemption for the project. They want to build a 14-story tower on the site, but zoning prevents projects larger than 9 stories. To help make their case, they've hired the Carter Malone Group PR firm. One of the principals at the PR agency is Deidre Malone, who is also on the Shelby County Commission. In the Daily News article, Malone states
"I think they want to keep as much of the look and feel of the building as they can," said Malone, whose office is across the street from the brewery. "We're still going through the process of taking every constituent seriously, wanting everyone to feel as comfortable as they can feel about the project."
Until I read her comments, I had assumed that the project would build the tower next to the historic structure. Now it sounds like they want to build on top of the Brewery. Also, "we're still going through the process of taking every constituent seriously" almost sounds Dilbertian in its corporatish cluelessness. I'm more worried now about this development than before I read Commissioner Malone's statements.

The best public relations would be to unveil the plans and drawings for the project so the constituents can judge the tower's impact on their neighborhood and the Tennessee Brewery. A good design of the tower and preservation of the Brewery would do wonders for the project's PR. Do these plans and drawings exist?


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