Monday, July 31, 2006

The Party

In a food piece in the Observer, actor Morgan Freeman explains why he started a world-class restaurant in Clarksdale, Mississippi:
...people would travel to Clarksdale from as far away as Norway to pay homage to the Blues mecca, only to find there was nothing going on. So they set up the Ground Zero club, which in turn spawned smaller blues joints round and about, and a shop that sells memorabilia and a museum. 'So now there's a market,' said Freeman. People before arrived all dressed up for the party, but there was no party. 'Now there is, and the best place to eat in the Deep South.'
[Emphasis mine].

Freeman is referring to the restaurant and club he started in Clarksdale, but I think it's just as true for other mythic places, like Memphis. If someone's coming here, from near or far, how will they know they're here -- that they're in a special place? For me, a large part of the Party is architectural icons, both historic and evocative.


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