Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Saving the Pippin (cont.)

The Commercial Appeal has more details on the efforts of the Hendersonville businessmen who own the Zippin Pippin to save this piece of Memphis, although possibly not in Memphis.

Stephen Shutts, who with business partner Robert Reynolds bought Elvis' favorite coaster from the Mid-South Fair for $2,500, said they remain committed to "finding the right home" for the Pippin, preferably in Memphis.

"It's not in anybody's best interest just to come in
and knock it down," Shutts said.


Shutts said last month he planned to list the Pippin on eBay, mainly to spread the word about its uncertain future. That may not be necessary, however.

"We've gotten calls really from all over the country. We've had several in Memphis," said Shutts, adding that the local queries have come from private individuals rather than corporate entities.

It would be great to keep it in Memphis, but I'd much rather it go out of town than have it bulldozed.

Mid-South Fair Funnel Cake


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