Thursday, January 22, 2009

Personality of the City

Townhouses at Main and Vance

As a side effect to the buzzing around keyinfluencer's infamous Memphis tweet, I present these ideas:
  1. Memphis has personality. It's the sum and greater of the wisdoms, confessions, truths, flatteries, stories, lies, mistakes, delusions, recriminations, insults, abuses we share with and about each other.

    Broad Avenue Art Walk

  2. Presently, Memphis' personality is the sum and greater of the wisdoms, confessions ... insults, abuses, that we share verbally and textually.

  3. We have yet to create Memphis' personality in built form, athough we have so many prototypes on the ground.

  4. Consequently Memphis' personality is lost to casual visitors and new residents. People like keyinfluencer.

    Woodard House

  5. A new greatness, a new weirdass Memphis greatness, awaits if we build our city to its personality.

How do we do this?

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